Exhibits to be children’s own work, unaided by adults.

Age on day of Show to appear on FRONT of exhibit, names on BACK of exhibit only.

Awards: Classes 1 – 15, inclusive medal for overall winner.  Rosettes for all prize winners.

1- 4 Turnditch CE (Aided) Primary School only

1 Seaside Tiles 5 years
2 Clay Tiles/Transport 6-7 years
3 Anglo Saxon Weaving  8-9 years
4 Moving Toys  10-11 years
5 Flower Sketches max size A3 5 years
 6 Windmill Art max size A4  6-7 years
 7 Acrostic Poem max size A4  8-9 years
8 Sketch from a Photograph max size A4  8-9 years
 9 Clay Greek Mythical Creatures max size A5  10-11 years
10 Rain Forest Pictures on Card max size A5  10-11 years
11 Ancient Greek Etched Plates on Card max size A4 10-11 years
12 A Miniature Garden in a Seed Tray max size 40 cm x 25 cm 4-7 years
13 Any Work Not Previously Shown 10-15 years
14 Five Decorated Cupcakes Under 16’s
15 Produce From My Garden in a Shoe Box Under 16’s